Is Your Pocorn Ceiling Releasing Asbestos?

From the 50’s to the 80’s popcorn ceilings were incredibly popular and were installed all over the country in many homes. Asbestos wasn’t known as a dangerous material back then and as a result it ended up in many homes nationwide.

In 1978, asbestos became banned and contractors had to start using paper fiber. Unfortunately, suppliers were still allowed to sell their remaining products containing asbestos which remained in stock at the changing of these laws, which resulted in a lot of home getting asbestos popcorn ceilings well into the 80’s.

Most undisturbed popcorn ceilings will not release any toxins, that’s why it’s important that you don’t use any nails, tape or screw in your ceiling. Make sure not to scrape it either, and don’t put any shelving units attached to the ceiling. Try not to hit the ceiling with any objects that might cause peices to fly off or get scraped.

We asked a group of professionals in Popcorn Ceiling Removal Charlotte NC what the best solutions for popcorn ceilings is, to which they replied, “You’d better just get rid of it as soon as possible!”

So in conclusion, your popcorn ceiling might not have released any toxins until now, but your safest bet is to get a professional crew to clean it out for you.

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