Gutter Types for Residential Homes

Most people don’t pay much attention to their gutters, and it’s understandable! They seem like such a minor part of the house, right? But butters are essential for keeping your home clean and free of water damage.

How many types of gutters are there? The answer is simple, there are three; the Box Cutters, the Half-Round, and the K-Style Gutter.

Box Style gutters are big and bulky and are made to hold much more than the other types. For this reason you will often find them on industrial or commercial buildings since these buildings are more often than not much bigger than residential houses.

The Half-Round gutter is an older type of gutter, found most often on older homes or historic houses. They come mostly in copper, but can be found in aluminum, galvanized steel and, of course, vinyl. These are rustic looking, easy to clean, less prone to rust and corrosion, and less likely to get clogged. On the downside, they’re often more expensive, take longer to install, not as handy when it comes to heavy rain, have a shorter lifespan than K-Style, and heavier.

The K-Style gutter is the one you’ll see most on modern homes. They’re shaped almost like most crown moldings you can find in modern homes. These gutters are the cheapest and most available type, plus being easy to install, rigid and durable, can handle large amounts of water, and they look cool and modern. Unfortunately, thee K-Style is more prone to corrosion and gets clogged a lot easier than Half-Round gutters.

But when it really comes down to it, the choice is up to you, the homeowner.

Credits to seamless gutters NH for the information.

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