5 Roof Styles Common in the US

For those of you interesting in new roof installation, it’s definitely a good idea to get familiar with the types of roofs that are available on the market; getting to know a little about how they look and their function.

  1. The Gable Roof is your classic example of the most common roof in the US. Think of a child’s drawing of a house and you will most likely be thinking of a gable roof. It’s your basic two-sided sloped roof with both slopes rising into a ridge in the middle.
  2. The Clipped Gable Roof, also known as “bullnose,” is very similar to the gable roof with one added detail. The front and back peaks on the ridge a bent toward the wall beneath it, making little hips at both ends of the roof. Homeowners like to get these roofs to show off their roof shingles, since the slanted ends are more visible to those on the ground.
  3. The Dutch Gable Roof is a mix between a gable and a hip roof. You have a traditional hip roof and an extra gable on top of that, providing the home with more space for an attic.
  4. The Gambrel Roof is most often seen on classic barns. It’s got two sided slopes on each side, starting with steep slopes from the bottom and a little more half way up, changing to slightly less steep slopes. The steep sides are very visible from the ground, so homeowners should be mindful of their shingles on grambrel roofs.
  5. The Hip Roof is a very traditional roof shape in the US, consisting for four equal-sized slopes. For those of you who have a hip roof, you know that this is the most visible roof type there is when it comes to shingle visibility.

These are your most common roof types, but there are many more of course; including the Mansard roof, the Shed roof, the Low Slope roof, and more. Knowing your roofs will definitely come in handy when doing any roof renovation projects.

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