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Mission Statement

We are a coalition of diverse groups working together for peace and justice, for human rights, and against war and other forms of physical or economic violence.

While working for an immediate end to the war in Iraq is our current priority, we ally ourselves with other movements for social and economic justice to combat all oppressions connected to war. We believe that the motivation for war and occupation is access to water, land and other resources, rather than fundamental human differences.

We oppose our government’s use of pre-emptive war, occupation and nuclear threats to achieve its goals, and its support of other governments that do the same. We urge our government to abide by its treaty commitments; prohibiting torture and indefinite and arbitrary detention (following the Geneva Convention), and dismantling our nuclear arsenal (as the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty requires).

Since we have a responsibility for the policies of our government, we will work to engage the public and effect social change through democratic, nonviolent methods.

By building a diverse movement, we seek to challenge those who foster hatred and oppression by exploiting differences of any kind between people.

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